Workshop Program

1st International workshop of research group PSITIC (Pedagogy, Society and  Innovation with an ICT support)


Preliminary Day – COMMUNICATIONS . CosmoCaixa, Thursday  November 7th 2013

09h       Presidential table:

Talk 1. Welcome: Dr. Xavier Pujadas, Vice-dean of post-graduate and research in FPCEE Blanquerna; and Mr. Marc Simón, General Director of social integration programs in Obra Social La Caixa.

Talk 2. Educational Leadership: Four Challenges in a networked society. Dr. Jordi Riera, PSITIC’s Principal Investigator and Vice-Rector for Academic Policy and Adjunct to the Rector, URL.

9.30h    First Challenge

Educational Collaborative Networks: Unlocking the school’s collapse

Lecturer 1. Dra. Mireia Civís (PSITIC, URL)

Lecturer 2. Dra. Liz Todd (Newcastle University)

Lecturer 3. Dr. Alan Daly (UCSD)

Table discussion and plenary discussion

11h      Coffee break

11.30h Second Challenge

Ubiquitous Learning environment: Overcoming the analogical switch off

Lecturer 1. Dr. Miquel Àngel Prats (PSITIC, URL)

Lecturer 2. Dr. Manuel Area Moreira (ULL)

Table discussion and plenary discussion

13.30h Lunch

15h      Third Challenge

Language in leadership and conditions to encourage leadership in social educational scenarios

Lecturer 1. Dra. Maria Carme Boqué (PSITIC, URL)

Lecturer 2. Dr. Kevin Flint (Nottingham Trent University)

Table discussion and plenary discussion

16.30h  Fourth Challenge

The Ethical focus at the center of Educational Leadership

Lecturer 1. Dr. Francesc Torralba (PSITIC, URL)

Lecturer 2. Dr. Lluis Ylla (FJE)

Table discussion and plenary discussion


Discussion Day – WORKSHOP. FPCEE Blanquerna, Friday  November 8th 2013

09h      Conclusions from day 1.

09.30h Parallel sessions

Priorities on Educational Leadership facing  a new paradigm on Educational Governance/ Collaboration opportunities

11h      Coffee break

11.30h Guided plenary discussion

13h      Wrap up and end of meeting

13.30h Lunch




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