I am honored to present you the 1st International Workshop on Educational Leadership promoted by the PSITIC research group on Pedagogy, Society and Innovation with ICT support, from Ramon Llull University, Barcelona (Spain). The international workshop seeks to advance towards an interdisciplinary approach to educational leadership in the 21st century networked society. It will be fantastic opportunity to share views and experiences with international colleagues, and to establish significant connections for further collaborations.

The discussion will focus on the key challenges that guide social and educational leadership:

– (1) Collaborative networks’ leadership in educational settings.

– (2) The role of ICT supported innovations in educational leadership.

– (3) Ethics of educational leadership.

– (4)  Conditions to foster leadership in social and educational scenarios.

The workshop will be held in Barcelona (Spain) on November 7th and 8th 2013. The Preliminary day, Round tables and Communications will take place in the CosmoCaixa building (Beta Hall), and the Discussions of the second day will be at the Faculty of Psychology, Educational and Sport Sciences Blanquerna.


Dr. Jordi Riera i Romaní

IP PSITIC research group

Vice-Rector for Academic Policy and Adjunct to the Rector. Universitat Ramon Llull


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